Check out these pics of the recently painted Everett plow!
4 days ago, Everett Area School District
Everyone behind painted plow
Painted plow right side
Painted plow left side
Painted plow front side
Parents and guardians, please click this link to find out more information about an inappropriate viral TikTok challenge that is affecting our school -
15 days ago, Everett Area School District
Dear Everett Parents, Guardians and Staff, Today at 11:00am, the United States Department of Education recognized Everett Area High School as a National Blue Ribbon School for exemplary, high performance. One of only four high schools recognized in Pennsylvania. To be clear, this is the highest academic honor that a public school can receive. It is the result of many years of hard work and focus on achieving excellence and improving on our existing academic structures. Though making change can be very difficult, our board, administration, faculty, staff, students and parents rose to those challenges and met or exceeded our expectations. This honor is the culmination of a combined effort starting at our elementary schools all the way through our high school program. Everyone in this district has been a part of earning this accomplishment. In conclusion, everyone should be very proud of the accomplishment of the Everett Area School District and its students. Everett Area High School is now recognized as one of the elite school programs in the nation. It is now our task to continue this pattern of excellence. Parents will also be issued a formal news release by clicking the link in out text message or on the website’s news feed. Thank you and have a great day
28 days ago, Jim Hollis
To all EASD community members: Our calling system (Apptegy) will be changing how text messages are delivered. Due to this, if you receive a text message from the EASD, you may be asked to opt in to continue to receive text messages. Please follow the instructions to opt-in if you wish to receive text messages. If you wish to not receive texts, you can follow the instructions to opt-out. Thank you.
about 1 month ago, Everett Area School District
Dear Parents and Guardians, As you may be aware, the Everett Area School Board voted on Monday to allow for parents to submit a notarized affidavit form to claim exceptions to the state mask mandate that requires students to wear a face covering in school. This form can be obtained at any district building or on our website directly under the words “Welcome to Everett Area School District”. This form states that a parent is attesting that their child cannot wear a face covering because it may cause or exacerbate a medical or mental health condition. This form only applies to the masking order and does not affect student’s ability to participate in sports or other activities. Please have these forms notarized and submitted to the building Principals by September 20, 2021. Thank you
about 1 month ago, Jim Hollis
Dear Parents and Guardians, Please be aware there have been 9 new positive COVID cases so far this week in our District. Please watch for signs and symptoms of illness in your child. Please keep your child home if they have a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or persistent congestion, cough, runny nose, and sore throat. Our staff and administration are continuing efforts to keep our students and staff healthy by encouraging frequent hand washing, social distancing, wearing mask, and watching for signs and symptoms of illness while at school. We appreciate your continued efforts at home in preventing the spread of illness. Please contact Becky Garrett or Elizabeth Yokum with any questions or concerns. Also, Due to the reported backlog in the availability of medical appointments, we will be extending the deadline to turn in medical exemptions to the masking order, until September 20, 2021. Thank you!
about 1 month ago, Jim Hollis
Dear Parents, Guardians and Students, Beginning tomorrow, September 7, 2021, the face covering mandate issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, goes into effect. All students and school personnel will be required to wear a face covering inside all school buildings. Students can bring their own mask/face shield, or one will be supplied by the district. Students do not need to wear a face covering outside, while eating and drinking, or while engaged in high intensity physical activity, like Physical Education classes or sports. If you desire to claim a medical exemption for your child, please contact your building Principal and they will outline the procedure with you. Medical exemptions need to be signed by a physician and turned into the office by September 13, 2021. It is our goal to keep children in school and avoid shutdowns like we experienced last year. Hopefully, together, we can get our county numbers to an acceptable range. Though this is not desired by anyone, we can make the best of a difficult situation. Let’s work together to keep the kids in school. Thank you and have a nice evening.
about 1 month ago, Jim Hollis
Dear Parents and Guardians of The Everett Area School District, As you may be aware, the Pennsylvania Department of Education will be releasing additional information, about the masking order, later today. We are told that this new information will change the process originally stated for parent exemptions. The District will take the next few days to analyze these changes in conjunction with our solicitor, to ascertain how they impact possible exemptions, and our ability to manage this current order. Be aware that our local legislators and our solicitor all agree that the District has no authority to ignore this order. We will do our best to evaluate the new information and to determine the best possible courses of action. We will release further communications later this weekend. We apologize for this inconvenience, but this situation is extremely fluid and is changing often.
about 2 months ago, Jim Hollis
Dear Parents and Guardians of the Everett Area School District, As many of you are aware, yesterday the PA Department of Health, in conjunction with the Governor, declared a masking order for schools, to take effect Tuesday, September 7, 2021. The Everett Area School District has consulted with our legal counsel, as well as our local representatives to determine the extent to which this order is applicable. Our legal counsel suggests that the order is legally sound and applicable according to the Disease Prevention and Control Act. The District, short of any changes which may occur in Harrisburg to prevent or change the existing order that has been placed, would be responsible to implement the order as it is presented. At this time, we continue to explore our options and to determine the best course of action for the Everett Area School District’s children. The overall end goal for the School District must be to keep schools open, educate students and most importantly to keep them safe. There are many differing opinions on this topic and we clearly understand that no answer will make everyone satisfied. We plan to have further communications regarding this topic over the weekend and/or before Tuesday September 7th. In conclusion, as part of this community of concerned citizens, we will explore our options and provide the best possible solution to move forward with educating the children of this District during this very unfortunate pandemic, which continues to haunt our communities.
about 2 months ago, Jim Hollis
Dear Parents and Guardians, It has recently come to our attention that there are two positive COVID-19 cases in Mrs. Eli-Anderson’s Second-Grade class. In Mrs. Leader’s Kindergarten class, we have one COVID-19 positive case, one presumed positive case and one student for which we are awaiting test results. If you have a student in either of these two classes, please take extra care to monitor your student’s health for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. If your child shows any symptoms, please keep them at home and call our school nurse, Mrs. Becky Garrett at 814-652-9114 ext. 3115. We will post data on COVID-19 case counts within the school buildings every Monday, on the District website. Thank you
about 2 months ago, Jim Hollis
Everett Area Parents and Guardians, The Everett Area School District is once again participating in the government program which allows us to offer free breakfast and lunch to all students. This program is scheduled to last the entire 2021/2022 school year. However, it is still very important that everyone fill out and return a “Free and Reduced Lunch Application”, even if you do not plan to eat a school lunch. A sizable amount of our district’s funding and grants rely on the free and reduced numbers. Also, some family benefits like SNAP require you to still submit an application. Every student was given a form at the start of the year, but you can get another form by asking at the office, or logging on to the district website. The application can be found on the website by clicking the MENU tab, then CAFETERIA ITEMS, then FREE AND REDUCED LUNCH application. Please have these applications turned back into the school office prior to September 17, 2021. Thank you very much
about 2 months ago, Jim Hollis
Interested in becoming a substitute teacher? See this page for more details:
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Attention all parents, guardians, and students! Please see this page to view the EASD's Health & Safety Plan for the 2021-2022 school year:
3 months ago, Everett Area School District
Attention parents! Need help with getting internet access at home? Check out this news article about the Emergency Broadband Benefit from the FCC:
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Congratulations class of 2020!
over 1 year ago, Everett Area School District
Class Of 2020
Here's a video from Everett's Secret Service Club thanking essential workers:
over 1 year ago, Everett Area School District
EASD's National Junior Honor Society students recently brought in items to benefit Everett Elementary's weekend backpack program. There were over 500 donated items!
over 1 year ago, Everett Area School District
National Junior Honor Society students with the items they brought in to benefit Everett Elementary's weekend backpack program. There were over 500 donated items!
Good Evening, It has been brought to our attention that there is some questions about the enforcement of book bags, coats/jackets, and hats. We have been policing this throughout the year and recently the issue has been brought to the forefront. In the handbook under hair and dress number 10, students are allowed to bring them but need placed in lockers in the morning. This is a safety concern. No punishments have been given yet just warnings. We have lockers available in hallways and the locker rooms and have given extra time in situations that we have deemed necessary. This is strictly informational and this is not a new rule. We encourage you to, as weather gets nicer, to review the student dress with your student. Further questions, please call the high school office at 814.652.9114.
over 1 year ago, Adam Whisel
Kaitlyn Maxwell shoots her 2000th pt. Congratulations to her and the Lady Warriors for their 2nd place finish in the ICC.
over 1 year ago, Jim Hollis
Kaitlyn for 2000 pts.
Interested in becoming a substitute teacher? Find out more here:
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