Dear Parents and Guardians, We are requesting that each family please complete a survey providing the District with critical information regarding your family's preferences of instructional models and summer school. It is important that we get feedback from all families, so please take the time to carefully complete this survey. A link will be sent to you via your email, text message, or you can find the link on the district website in the “Live Feed” section. Families will be limited to one survey and we are requiring an email and name on each to aid the District in the planning and implementation of any changes that may develop from the survey. We would like to thank you in advance. This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The District will review this information on Tuesday the 19th, so please complete the survey over this coming weekend. Have a great weekend and thank you. Link.
2 days ago, Jim Hollis
Dear Parents and Guardians, Tomorrow, Friday January 15, the Everett School District will be distributing packed breakfasts and lunches for a five-day period, to cover from the 15th through the 19th. Pick-ups are available at each school building from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Thank you
3 days ago, Jim Hollis
Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Staff, The Everett Area School District will restart in-person learning with the Hybrid A/B schedule, K-12, beginning on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. We will start on the 19th with Group A. Group B will come back on January 25. Students will attend Monday through Friday during their in-person weeks. If you have any specific questions, please contact your building administrator. Thank you
5 days ago, Jim Hollis
Please see this news article about school board appreciation:
9 days ago, Everett Area School District
Dear Parents and Guardians, We trust that your holiday season was safe and enjoyable, allowing time for your family to relax. The Everett Area School District will continue on the present full-virtual learning program. Our School Board will meet on January 11th to discuss a possible return to our hybrid schedule. In addition, we will also discuss extra-curricular activities at that time. Please keep in mind that this situation is ever changing, as is the data that school districts are responsible to follow. More information will be given, following the Board meeting on January 11th.
13 days ago, Jim Hollis
Parents, Guardians and Students, The School Districts in the Inter-County Conference have met and determined that in the interest of student and staff safety, amid increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases in all communities, all winter sports practices will be delayed and shall begin on Monday, December 14. The first competition date for all conference member schools will be Monday Jan. 4. Thank you
about 2 months ago, Jim Hollis
Parents and Guardians, Starting on Monday, November 16, we will be altering our distribution of breakfasts and lunches. We will begin handing out meals for two hours and adding meals for the weekends. The distribution schedule will be Mondays, for Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday, for Wednesday and Thursday and Fridays, for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Meals can be picked-up at any school building between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm. Thank you
2 months ago, Jim Hollis
Dear Parents and Guardians, Due to Bedford County being in the second week of Substantial spread of COVID-19, the Everett Area School District will begin a full virtual schedule on Monday November 16th. This decision is not one taken lightly, the District now has 6 quarantined staff members and we continue to see case levels rising around us. The District has been successful in limiting the spread of COVID-19 using the hybrid model; however, PDE and the Department of Health recommend moving to full virtual after the second week of Substantial. Parents will have the ability to move their children to full virtual in advance of Monday the 16th, by simply contacting your child’s building principal or office staff. The District will remain on a full-virtual schedule until there is clear evidence we are no longer experiencing a surge in cases and that our County case load has decreased to moderate or low. All extra-curricular events and athletics will be canceled until further notice. Thank you
2 months ago, Jim Hollis
Attention Parents, guardians, and students: Report cards for marking period 1 are now posted to Skyward! Please see this short document that walks you through how to do this:
2 months ago, Everett Area School District
Parents of After School students, the after school program is a Monday through Thursday program. There is no programming on Fridays. Please be sure that you are expecting your child right after the school day on Fridays. There will be no after school the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas. A reminder will be sent home with your child.
3 months ago, Everett Area School District
Dear Parents and Guardians, The Everett Area School District has adjusted its procedures for athletic events, to coincide with the current regulations. Moving forward, each participating student including (competing athletes, band, and cheer), will be given 2 tickets to give to parents and guardians. Students with split families will also be accommodated. Visiting teams will receive a set amount of tickets for their parents as well. These new procedures will be in effect for all sports, indoor and outdoor. All spectators will need to present their ticket and entry fee at the gate to be admitted. All spectators will be required to wear a mask and social distance in the stands. As you are aware, this is an ongoing political and legal discussion and circumstances may change, which would require us to adjust procedures again in the future. Thank you
4 months ago, Jim Hollis
Dear Parents and Guardians, The Everett Area School District will postpone, practices and games for Volleyball, both Junior Varsity and Varsity, due to two potential COVID cases. Test results will determine when play can resume and we expect to have those results in the coming days. At the present time, the District, has experienced positive close contacts and students showing potential symptoms, but we have had no positive COVID cases to date. Thank you.
4 months ago, Jim Hollis
Dear Parents and Guardians, The Federal USDA has approved free lunches for all students until the December holiday. The Everett Area School District will respond next week by providing free in-house meals for breakfast and lunch. Starting September 9th, the District will also operate grab and go bagged meals for all students doing virtual in the District and also for all students over the weekends. These meals can be picked up by parents, guardians or students at their perspective schools. Pick up days and times will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 1 hour, from 11am - 12pm. Again, bagged lunch pickups will begin on Wednesday September 9th and operate M - W - F until the December 22nd Christmas break. Both elementary schools will have a bagged lunch pick up in the front of the building and the MS/HS will have the pick-up location behind the school at the rear loading dock. Thank you and have a nice weekend.
5 months ago, Jim Hollis
Dear Parents and Guardians, As many of you are aware, the Governors directives on spectator attendance at athletic events has changed again. The end result of this change does not open the door for full parental attendance because schools still must abide by the State Mandated gathering limits. These limits are: 250 people outside and 25 people inside. These total numbers include our student athletes, coaches, referees, and spectators. Basically, anyone in attendance counts towards the gathering limits. The Everett School District continues to monitor this situation and adjust guidelines to best serve our community. For now, this announcement will address specifically the Varsity Football Scrimmage this Saturday morning. Each player will receive two tickets for a parent, guardian or family member who can assume responsibility in the event of an accident. Students who are not related to a player will not be admitted using these tickets. Face coverings are required. All spectators will be temperature checked at the gate. If you do not feel well please stay at home. This plan will allow us to remain under the 250-person limit. Each player will receive their tickets today after practice. The District will communicate more guidance regarding all fall sports when we have received all the pending information from the State. The District seeks to provide maximum opportunities for parents and guardians while proving a fair and equitable plan. Thank you and have a nice weekend.
5 months ago, Jim Hollis
Dear Parents and Guardians, There are many unanswered questions as it relates to sporting events and parents being able to attend. In order to clarify and create an understanding of the rules in place and who made the order, the Everett School District is issuing this communication: On July 16, 2020 the Governor of PA made a targeted mitigation order, which is posted on our website for you to review. This targeted mitigation order states specifically that Visitors and Spectators are not permitted at any school sponsored events and/or sporting events. The PIAA and ICC have placed restrictions on our events which prohibit parents and/or spectators from attending events or from being on school property during any such event. Any violation of these restrictions will result in the home school District having to forfeit the game/event. At the present time, there are multiple efforts underway asking the Governor to reconsider. Until further notice or until the Governor’s orders change to allow spectators, the Everett Area School District is required to ensure that parents/guardians and/or spectators are not on school grounds during athletic functions. It is our understanding that all the schools in our Intermediate Unit will be following these same protocols. In order to provide parents with the opportunity to view games and events, the Everett Area School District has invested in live streaming equipment and will broadcast each event live over YouTube. The link will be sent out to the public prior to the first event. Though we are sure parents would prefer to watch the games in person, we are asking that parents direct their concerns to the State level, as we have no ability to change these circumstances without the Governor reconsidering the orders we have to comply with. We understand your frustrations and we are asking for your cooperation with these very unusual circumstances. Let’s work together and make this the best possible experience for our students under the current conditions. Thank you
5 months ago, Jim Hollis
Dear Everett Parents and Guardians, In an effort to keep everyone informed of the District’s health conditions, we have created a data chart to display current COVID-19 positive cases, possible cases and close contacts. This chart will be posted to our website and be update every Monday. To access the COVID-19 data go to the District website, click “Explore”, then “COVID-19 Information”, then click “COVID-19 Case Data”. If you have any questions please address them to Mr. Jim Hollis. Thank you
5 months ago, Jim Hollis
MS/HS students & parents: Attendance this year will be taken daily via a Google form which will be emailed to all students. This form is to be completed daily by 10 a.m. If you are unable to successfully complete the form, you must then call 652-9114 ext 1025 daily to be marked present. This will need to be done every single day please to ensure accurate attendance records. Students are permitted to carry school appropriate water bottles which are able to be sealed. Any student taking gym will need to wear appropriate attire for class as no locker rooms will be available at present. Students are permitted to be dropped off at the school no earlier than 7:45 a.m. and may be picked up at 2:59 p.m. in the parent circle. All Fridays beginning 8/28 will be virtual educational days. Students are to log on and complete assignments with teachers. Please contact the school if you have further questions which need to be adddressed.
5 months ago, Laurie Criswell
Dear Everett Area School District Parents and Guardians, As some of you may have already heard, the Pennsylvania Department of Education released a mandate yesterday afternoon. We received an email at 2:20pm stating that all students and staff would be required to wear a face covering at all times in the school setting. We are permitted to allow 10-minute breaks for mask removal when students are properly socially distanced. There are no specifications on how many breaks students receive. EASD will utilize judgement to appropriately offer breaks throughout the day, during times students are socially distanced. There are no other changes to our back-to-school plan. If this new mandate changes your decision between the face-to-face option, or full on-line learning, please contact your building Principal. We are not pleased with this last-minute mandate from the State; however, common sense implementation will be followed. Thank you for your time and understanding.
5 months ago, Jim Hollis
Students are permitted to carry water bottles during the upcoming school year. Our maintenance staff has installed touchless water bottle fillers throughout the building. Please understand if you bring a personal water bottle any staff member may check the contents of the bottle. As always, water bottles must be school-appropriate and not be glass bottles.
5 months ago, Everett Area School District
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