SAP (Student Assistance Program)

The Everett Area MS/HS Student Assistance Team, also known as The We Care Team,  is designed to assist school personnel in identifying and assisting students who may be experiencing behavior or academic difficulties.

SAP We Care Team Members:

Mrs. Tricia Beidle, School Librarian, ext. 1038
Mrs. Lyn Johnson, HS Office Secretary, ext. 1033
Mr. Brian Koontz, Athletic Director, ext. 1029
Mr. Jason Blair, HS Science Teacher, ext. 1236
Mrs. Betty Kay Fluke, MS Guidance Counselor, ext. 1031
Mrs. Ashley Bennett, Learning & Emotional Support Teacher, ext. 1123
Mr. Dante Tambellini, School Psychologist, ext. 1047

SAP Forms:

PSI - DNA Questionaire Permission
Upon signed receipt of this permission form, the PSI liaison can complete the DNA questionaire with the student.

We Care Team Permission
Receipt of this signed form allows the SAP team to provide service to the student.

Authorization for Release of Confidential Information
This form is used for the SAP team to coordinate services with the Bedford-Somerset MH/MR.

Student Assistance Program Content Form Part 1 of 2
This consent form is signed by guardian (student if aged 14 or older) prior to or at the first meeting to allow staff to use or share the minimum necessary amount of informaiton about the student for the purpose of coordinating services, treatment, payment and healthcare operations.

Student Assistance Program Consent Form Part 2 of 2
This form is used to have guardian/student acknowledge and agree to services by checking the four boxes and providing signatures where indicated.